Bug Out Bag (Zombie Apocalypse)


It’s always important to have a bug out bag, no matter your situation, but today I want to talk about a specialized kit for the zombie apocalypse. Find a day bag to use as your bug out bag container, then fill it with the following. Water – Pack water purification tablets and filtration, so you can drink on the move, also bring at least 2 quarts of water per person per day. Food – Pack roughly a three day supply per person, bring food bars, MRE, and dehydrated food packs. First Aid – In my B.O.B, I have a LIFELINE TRAIL LIGHT 3, good for hiking and the zombie apocalypse. Other – Pack firecrackers for a quick distraction, if you ever get trapped a top a building or in a tree, just light and throw. Bring Headlamp, Multi-tool, hunting knife, fire starter, local map, duct tape, and rope.

I hope this helped you start your kit, now just add regular things and you should be ready for the apocalypse in a pinch.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Bug Out Bags to get ready.




Governing Small Groups During and After The Apocalypse


During the Zombie Apocalypse, it may be tempting to start some kind of dictatorship, but I think it’s best to set-up an appointed leader by the rest of the group. Maybe their would be a council who would vote on the matters at hand.
Everyone needs a place in this new world with zombies constantly at our throats. During the apocalypse, you and your group will be more worried about this constant threat then about how the new government will function. After the zombies die down after 10-20 years, give or take five years, you will have time to think about rebuilding society. There would never be a better time to come up with a better system. My idea would be a system where everyone had a job, house, etc., and got payed by the central group. The central group would then ration out, for example food, to all the families. The central group would keep a stock pile of all resources and keep track of incoming and outgoing supplies. During the apocalypse, people would not have a good reason to steal food from one an other because the only thing keeping the “town” together would be everyone’s participation. Everyone must realize that after the apocalypse, it will be much the same, just without the constant threat of being chewed to the bone. Well I hope I have given you something to think about. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some food to manage.

Inside the Zombies’ Brain (How Zombies Work)


Zombies are attracted to anything that they can see, smell or hear. I suggest using this weakness to your advantage. Try using bell towers to lure bitters to different other sides of the town or city, as seen in The Walking Dead Video Game Season 2. If you ever come across fireworks, take them they can be used to overrun an enemies base by attracting zombies to their location.

You could make a spike or pitfall using noise and lights to attract them into a fall.
If your base is ever surrounded by zombies and escape is not an option, try using fireworks, speakers, or other noisy/bright objects to get them off your walls.

Zombies work in a dis-coordinated hoard, often traveling for miles in one direction, long forgetting what they were original chasing. It could be a rock falling or a random squirrel, but now there are 20…50…100…200 it just keeps getting larger and larger until they find something else to attract their attention.


Top Five Melee Weapons (Zombie Apocalypse)


I have done a post before talking about which melee was better, Blunt vs. Blade so far blade is winning by one vote. Now we bring you The Top Five Melee Weapons for The Zombie Apocalypse, from worst to best.

5. Sludge Hammer
The sludge hammer is my worst pick, because it is heavy and impractical when traversing large distances, which you will probably be doing most of the time. Also, it will be too slow to attack several zombies at the same time. But if you have nothing else, go for it.

4. Metal Baseball Bat
At first this may seem like the best solution, it’s easy to come by and decently effective. It will probably dent or break after multiple zombies. Still not the worst option though.

3. Hatchet
Hatchets are good, they can be used as a blade or a blunt. They can be used to chop wood and pound in nails. The downside to this tool, is the reach, it is very limited. However, it is still worthy of the top three spot because of the multiple uses and for its great use for indoors.

2. A Pike
The obvious downside to this weapon is the when in use indoors and close spaces. Many pike can be made out of home materials. Such as a broom handle or a pipe. For the end use an ice pick, knife or other such things. Take your handle and duct tape your head to it. The better materials the better your weapon will be. Only use if you have quality materials on hand.

1. A Machete
At about 15 to 21 inches, this takes both lengths and adds into a good middle ranged weapon. And to add that they are very common, this makes it my number one pick. However, be wary when buying a machete. Do your research before picking one up.
If you have any more questions on melee zombie weapons please refer to: http://zombie.wikia.com/wiki/Melee_weapons

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some zombie killing to do.


So you have Survived the First Year? Zombie Apocalypse Prep


So you have survived the first year?
Well, good for you! By this point you will probably be out of regular canned foods and be looking for an alternative. What!? You didn’t plan ahead *sarcasm*. I swear in every zombie movie or TV show that they are never planning for the future. But, in The Walking Dead comic books they do a great job planning and preparing, when they are not dealing with stupid other survivors shooting at them.

When planning your main focuses are going to be food, water, and shelter. Not unlike any other survival situation.
For food:
You are going to want to plant a garden. In that garden you should have an assortment of vegetables to store for the winter. Winter is now one of your biggest threats. (Depending on where you live.) Good things to start your garden include;
Cucumbers: One cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. Why wouldn’t you want that?
Garlic: Increases the immune system, can help boils and sores, will expel intestinal parasites and worms from your body, and has anti-fungal properties which are very effective for treating yeast infections and Candida. Also it will help wash out that putrid taste of dog food.

For water:
I think these links will clear up any questions about water filtering and maybe you’ll find a new blog while you’re out:

And lastly about shelter:
I have done posts about this before, such as here, and here. I am just going to add a few tips. You want to be away from civilization, like up in some mountain away from all zombies and more importantly, other survivors. Do not head north, people die all the time not to add in the crazy riots that a zombie apocalypse will insure. Okay don’t head north and don’t stay in the city. I would want to go south. For one, I hate the cold so that’s a plus right there and also you might get to avoid all those idiots that are heading north. Good luck in your zombie ventures no matter where you go. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some gardening to be done.