Bug Out Bag (Zombie Apocalypse)


It’s always important to have a bug out bag, no matter your situation, but today I¬†want to talk about a specialized kit for the zombie apocalypse. Find a day bag to use as your bug out bag container, then fill it with the following. Water – Pack water purification tablets and filtration, so you can drink on the move, also bring at least 2 quarts of water per person per day. Food – Pack roughly a three day supply per person, bring food bars, MRE, and dehydrated food packs. First Aid – In my B.O.B, I have a LIFELINE TRAIL LIGHT 3, good for hiking and the zombie apocalypse. Other – Pack firecrackers for a quick distraction, if you ever get trapped a top a building or in a tree, just light and throw. Bring Headlamp, Multi-tool, hunting knife, fire starter, local map, duct tape, and rope.

I hope this helped you start your kit, now just add regular things and you should be ready for the apocalypse in a pinch.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Bug Out Bags to get ready.