Inside the Zombies’ Brain (How Zombies Work)


Zombies are attracted to anything that they can see, smell or hear. I suggest using this weakness to your advantage. Try using bell towers to lure bitters to different other sides of the town or city, as seen in The Walking Dead Video Game Season 2. If you ever come across fireworks, take them they can be used to overrun an enemies base by attracting zombies to their location.

You could make a spike or pitfall using noise and lights to attract them into a fall.
If your base is ever surrounded by zombies and escape is not an option, try using fireworks, speakers, or other noisy/bright objects to get them off your walls.

Zombies work in a dis-coordinated hoard, often traveling for miles in one direction, long forgetting what they were original chasing. It could be a rock falling or a random squirrel, but now there are 20…50…100…200 it just keeps getting larger and larger until they find something else to attract their attention.



Schooling In The Zombie Apocalypse


When an apocalypse breaks out, there is sure to be a vast lost in knowledge. Libraries burnt and the internet down, how will will school the new generation, in the zombie ridden streets?
Well it will be hard and many things will be lost, but not all hope is lost. For there are still teachers, students, firefighters, hunters, and many more. People who can teach their trade.

Even though teaching and learning are very important, you cannot start your school until you have a secure base. After you are well fortified, you can begin teaching. First teach your group a rough idea of what you used to do and how it can be applied to survival. After all of the adults have a good idea of everyone else’s abilities, you can start teaching the few young you may have alive, the basic tools for their survival.

Teach them with practical learning, put it to use. Need them to learn about math, have them calculate the surface area needed for a building. Hands-on learning. And now good luck, teach them all you know and have the others do so as well, an maybe someday, we could restore the world once more.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some barricade lengths to calculate.

The Worst Places to Go (Zombie Apocalyse)

Today I am going to show a video from a YouTuber, ZMZreloaded. Sadly he is no longer active, but I feel he videos still deserve some attention and admiration. What are the worst places to go? Hopefully I, along with some help from ZMZ, shall answer this questions.

Camping out on a roof top for the night is a great idea, find a building that is at least two stories tall, with a strong foundation, made of brick or stone. If no building are in sight, or it is to dangerous, you can stay the night in a tall tree.

Stores in general are a bad place to go. Feel free to loot stores if you survived the initial horror show, but be careful, some people may have survived and are living there.

Avoid going north, unless properly prepared. Many people will die because food and gear will be low. I recommend getting a two story tall farm house and defending that with spikes, ditches, and lots and lots of razor wire.


Blog of The Month #2

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