Inside the Zombies’ Brain (How Zombies Work)


Zombies are attracted to anything that they can see, smell or hear. I suggest using this weakness to your advantage. Try using bell towers to lure bitters to different other sides of the town or city, as seen in The Walking Dead Video Game Season 2. If you ever come across fireworks, take them they can be used to overrun an enemies base by attracting zombies to their location.

You could make a spike or pitfall using noise and lights to attract them into a fall.
If your base is ever surrounded by zombies and escape is not an option, try using fireworks, speakers, or other noisy/bright objects to get them off your walls.

Zombies work in a dis-coordinated hoard, often traveling for miles in one direction, long forgetting what they were original chasing. It could be a rock falling or a random squirrel, but now there are 20…50…100…200 it just keeps getting larger and larger until they find something else to attract their attention.



Mass Trickery (Zombie Apocalypse)


Today I am going to be talking about the unthinkable happening. That raiders and bandits found your hide away and decide to kill you for supplies.

Well actually, first let’s talk about preparation for such an event.

Trickery #1

I would recommend to leave a false map on your person. The map would indicate the whereabouts of your ‘base’. Which in reality, would actually be a trap. This trap can be very unique and creative, but I believe simply attracting a hoard and trapping them inside a building would be satisfactory. Just have some kind of tripwire that, when activated, would open a door with a loud “BANG!”, and hopefully get the bandits eaten alive.
Keep a private stash of guns, ammo, food, and water. Only tell a select few about this stash, as any of your fellow survivors could have switched sides. When captured or your base overrun, if they don’t kill you straight away, bide your time and wait for an escape. Don’t try to overthrow them again unless you got to your secret stash of supplies and you are very confident that you can take out the main enemy figure or likewise destroy their group.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some guns to hide.