ZFC-1 Zombie Proof Log Cabin

Surviving the Dead

tiger_log_cabin This is the computer model. I’m guessing they haven’t ACTUALLY built any of these things yet.

This is an awesome zombie survival cabinthat came across my newsfeed a few weeks ago. But I was reminded of it recently by Manny over at Eat Prey Limp.

Basically, Tiger Log Cabins, who specialize in . . . well I guess you know what they specialize in from the name right? Well they have a special package designed for the survivalist who’s looking to buy a log cabin that should fit all your zombie protection needs.

This got me thinking about where I’d most like to be during the coming apocalypse and where I’d like to have my family to keep them safe. Oddly enough my apartment is pretty good for this. Close to a river that rarely floods and is well banked, a rooftop patio and larger balconies that allow for food…

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