The Role of Alcohol in a Zombie Apocalypse

Great thoughts on surviving the zombie apocalypse and trading values of alcohol.

Notes From the Zombie Apocalypse

Alcohol is generally accepted to become a standard form of currency in a Zombie ZETA beercanApocalypse, or in any societal breakdown that may happen. Along with ammunition, medical supplies, and food, the scarcity and effects of alcohol will make it a coveted item and powerful bartering tool. But are the dangers of possession and consumption catastrophic?

A Precedent for Prohibition

I used to be in the Army and deployed to Iraq twice. Iraq policy fell under a set of rules known as General Order 1. There are many standards and rules under this policy, namely (and most hated) the prohibition of alcohol in a theater of operation. While strictly prohibited, however, alcohol was available on a small level black market.

One of the intents of prohibition under General Order 1 was that Soldiers needed to maintain good order and discipline. With emotions running high, a heightened sense of danger, and an…

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