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This week we are going to make it short and simple.
Re: Your Brains, a song by, Jonathan Coulton.

Have a good one, and don’t forget to keep those brains!



The Role of Alcohol in a Zombie Apocalypse

Great thoughts on surviving the zombie apocalypse and trading values of alcohol.

Notes From the Zombie Apocalypse

Alcohol is generally accepted to become a standard form of currency in a Zombie ZETA beercanApocalypse, or in any societal breakdown that may happen. Along with ammunition, medical supplies, and food, the scarcity and effects of alcohol will make it a coveted item and powerful bartering tool. But are the dangers of possession and consumption catastrophic?

A Precedent for Prohibition

I used to be in the Army and deployed to Iraq twice. Iraq policy fell under a set of rules known as General Order 1. There are many standards and rules under this policy, namely (and most hated) the prohibition of alcohol in a theater of operation. While strictly prohibited, however, alcohol was available on a small level black market.

One of the intents of prohibition under General Order 1 was that Soldiers needed to maintain good order and discipline. With emotions running high, a heightened sense of danger, and an…

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Walking Dead

I haven’t seen the newest episode yet. I am excited.


I’ve always enjoyed the show the Walking Dead; mainly for the following reason:  It gives one an opportunity to imagine what they would do if faced with the same situations.  I’ve often reflected on what choices I would make if such a scenario ever became reality and at times I have to wonder why the characters in the show make such bad decisions.  The show is both entertaining and also reminds us that the biggest threats aren’t always zombies; but instead the cruel acts people perpetrate against other people, once the rule of law is gone and the thin veneer of society has been ripped away.  The show continues to be my favorite, although I’m at a loss to explain how the writers expect us to believe that whenever there is a prolonged gunfight, the main characters never seem to run out of ammunition.  Until next time watch out for…

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Zombie School


Welcome class, today we will be adventuring into a Zombie’s Brain. Please take notes as we watch the following clips.

(Do not mimic zombies, they will kill you.)

You have probably realized by now that this is just for fun, but some of the tips below may just save your life:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some packing to do.