The Worst Places to Go (Zombie Apocalyse)

Today I am going to show a video from a YouTuber, ZMZreloaded. Sadly he is no longer active, but I feel he videos still deserve some attention and admiration. What are the worst places to go? Hopefully I, along with some help from ZMZ, shall answer this questions.

Camping out on a roof top for the night is a great idea, find a building that is at least two stories tall, with a strong foundation, made of brick or stone. If no building are in sight, or it is to dangerous, you can stay the night in a tall tree.

Stores in general are a bad place to go. Feel free to loot stores if you survived the initial horror show, but be careful, some people may have survived and are living there.

Avoid going north, unless properly prepared. Many people will die because food and gear will be low. I recommend getting a two story tall farm house and defending that with spikes, ditches, and lots and lots of razor wire.



3 comments on “The Worst Places to Go (Zombie Apocalyse)

  1. Good list but three of the five places are stores.

    The one that always gets me is people who say they are going up north. It’s already so hard to survive in cold places without zombies trying to eat you it just seems like making it worse.

    Sure it’s less populated when you get far enough north but that also means less food, less crops, less chance of making it. Especially since so many other people are already apparently heading north. Brooks covered this really well in WWZ. (Book is so much better than the movie.)


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