Top Ten Zombie Video Games

Taking a lesson from the fun blog The Top 10 of Anything and Everything, I have decided to make my very first Top Ten!

To dive right in at number ten: Dead Island

This game is very fun so far, I have had much fun with the combat and quests.

Number Nine: State of Decay

This game is a great 3rd person zombie video game that can be played on the PC or the Xbox 360.

Number Eight: Dead Rising

This game mixes in comedy to killing large amounts of zombies in the most ridiculous way possible.

Number Seven: 7 Days to Die

This is a great open world, voxel-based, Alpha game, that can be played in single player, LAN, or online.

Number Six: Resident Evil

This is a series that I have had much fun with, especially four.

Number Five: Plants vs. Zombies

Fight for your life against these comical zombies, in a casual gaming fight to the death.

NumberĀ  Four: The Walking Dead

This point and click game brings you to make decisions that you never will want to make.

Number Three: Dead Space 2

Yes I know the zombies (or Necromorphs) are not the norm, but I think that just makes them scarier.

Number Two: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

The only way to kill them is blowing them up. lighting them on fire, or praying you hit them in the head.

Number One: Left 4 Dead Series

This game brings co-op and team building to the next step, fighting zombies is not easy to forget. Definitely my favorite zombie game of all time, it’s great multiplayer mode and single player is the best one the list!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some zombie games to play.