Cars Meant for War (Zombie Apocalypse)

If you could find The Knight XV from Conquest Vehicles (or already own it) that would be crazy, unlikely, and awesome! It is bullet-proof, so some zombies clawing at it wouldn’t do a thing. But why would you just sit there letting them pound on your window? Run the bastards over with this 6 tons of pure…… Awesomeness?

The only down side to this beauty is its thirst for blood, or more accurate, gas. Which is hopefully, but doubtfully, better than other 11,000-pound, gasoline-powered armored vehicles that typically get about five miles per gallon. I do not know the exact miles per gallon, because is not specified, See here at about 10-11 paragraphs down.

Learn more about it here and here.

After you find a car, you still have to fortify it and equip it. I would put some metal sheeting over the windows, but still have a gap to look through and kill through, what is the point of a mobile castle if you can’t fire from it? Or you could have roll-able windows, put them up when unneeded and release them when necessary. This is the beauty of reinforcing a car, you can do what ever YOU think it needs. You are the designer, you get to pick it capabilities. Without money and financing  getting in the way, there is nothing to stop you! And all the motivation in the world!

Adding a snow plow on the front of your car/truck is really effective when trying to plow zombies out of the way. Adding an emergency escape hatch is also necessary, you will need it to shoot from. If you are completely surrounded be Z’s, you can open up the emergency hatch and blast a path to safety. Some cars have this feature pre-built.

Roof Liner Removal Diagram

When choosing a car, I recommend you choose a military vehicle, they are made to go to war, and that is exactly what you will be doing.
I am sure I am missing something here….. Perhaps you could fill me in via the comments section? That would be a very kind favor, from one survivor to another. 😀
Now if you will excuse me, it seems I am under raid!


2 comments on “Cars Meant for War (Zombie Apocalypse)

  1. Good article and awesome vehicle. You’re more likely to find an armored HMMWV (hummer) out there and it will be the most ready-to-go vehicle you’ll find. You could probably find one with a machine gun mounted on it. What’s so good about the hummers is that they get okay mileage (they’re diesel), you can tow things with it, and it is all simple mechanical parts with only a minimum of electronics (one major component pretty much). They combat lock from the inside and have ballistic glass, and the tires are run-flats, so you can still go with a flat. All in all, probably the best vehicle you’ll find and easiest to maintain.

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