Blog of The Month #1

From now on I will be posting a Blog of The Month. Which is a blog, chosen from my followers (you!) and put on the spotlight!
And without further delay this Months Blog is……

The Apocalypse Bites


Little bit about them:
The Apocalypse Bites, is a story telling blog, which you may have noticed, I am quite fond of. This remarkable story takes place in the present time. They will not give their location out of fear. For some organization has been blocking emails, tweets, facebook, even phone calls, the only thing that is still of use is his blog. Which is how he shall be updating us on recent events. We here at Zombiesurvivor101, hope to here more of this journey through the unforgiving apocalypse.
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My Last Day of College

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Now if you will excuse me, I have a zombie friend to attend to.