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Today I want to talk about the best zombie ‘armor’. I put armor in quotations because they don’t exactly count as armor. You can choose any armor you like, but I am going to give you some pros and cons that will apply to any ‘armor’ you decide to use for yourself.

Some people may believe that you can just put on any old suit of armor, and be invincible. I am sorry, but this is not the case. If you charge into battle with that kind of ignorance and stupidity floating around in your head, you will be dead long before you even encounter your first zombie.

The greatest armor, isn’t really armor, in most cases it is just common sense. Cut your hair and wear tight clothes, not to tight that you can’t run, but tight enough that zombies can not grab a hold. Deciding which kind of zombie gear to use, especially body protection, requires long and hard thought. Not just any armor will do in this fight for the survival of the human race.

BMXArmorBackPrice: $89.99

Pros: It is light and easily maneuverable. It will also be useful for non-zombie related deaths, such as collapsing of infrastructure and falling debris.

Cons: This armor could not stop a bullet or a very determined raider with a knife.

This needs to be something light and tight. Such as protective gear for dirt biking or 4-wheeling. It is compact and can provide protection against falls and the wreckage of a city in complete mayhem. This my not be 100% bite-proof, but I believe its pros out weigh the cons.

riot_gear_zombiesPrice: About $500

Pros: This riot gear from Damascus Protective Gear could stop a zombie bite and knife attack alike.

Cons: This gear just doesn’t have enough flexibility and there are too many straps and other hand holds for your zombie friend to get up close and personal.

This one has a common misconception, that if you put on a suit of full riot gear, you are going to be untouchable. This is wishful thinking, even though it is still not as bad as a full suit of armor from the medieval times, I still don’t recommend it to untrained users. If you decide on this one for your zombie armor, keep in mind that if you have not ever used this before, you should practice until you feel confident that you could out run and maneuver through a zombie infested area without being pulled over to a gruesome death.

Price: About $300 – $400

Pros: “[This] bullet and stab proof vest made from Kevlar┬«, Breathable Covert Coolmax┬« carrier, offers protection against ballistic weapons.” I think this Kevlar or Ballistic vest is great for stopping bullets to the chest and possible bites.

Cons: This design leaves your arms and head un-protected.

This ‘armor’ is commonly used by the police and other law enforcers to prevent death by bullets. It combines light weight with stopping power, a great mix. The only thing is that it won’t protect you from a bite to the arms or neck. I suggest wearing it with a leather jacket on to hopefully stop bites on your arms. Then you should wear a helmet and neck guard to protect you in those respected areas. One good bite to the neck and you are going to be dead before you could even reflect on your poor choices.

What do you think is the best armor to use and wear in the zombie apocalypse?

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Day 1: It begins Update 1

This is a post by misanthropicxmonstrosity. They have a very, very cool story, called Degeneration. It is a really good book/story and I really recommend you guys read it.
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Day 1: It begins Update 1

That is all for today, sorry this one is so short, but it is a very well written story and I suggest you start reading this.

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