The Walking Memes

As you guys probably could have guessed, I am really into the Walking Dead. I was watching the newest episode as of today. (That would be S4 E9.) I am also totally up to date on the comic/book series. Conclusion: I love The Walking Dead, but sometimes they have flaws in the movie. Here is a meme I made correlating to episode nine of season four.


Because I mean, seriously, they would be on top of her right now trying to eat here face off. TRYING.

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Raiding: What to Get (Zombie Apocalypse)


Picture from Day Z

When you are raiding and scavenging you should keep your eyes out for anything in 72 hour kit with Zombie upgradeĀ ideas (Another blog). Also anything for your basic survival, such as water and food etc.

But that is not what this post is about, this post is about high-trade value items. When raiding a store or house, look for:

1# Wine/Beer/Anything with alcohol

#2 Cigarets

#3 Anything in a medicine cabinet

#4 Coffee and soda

Conclusion: Anything that is addictive or a drug, has a high-trade value. Once you get this stuff you need to be very careful, because people who are addicted, will probably kill for it. If it comes down to it, just give it all to them. What is the point in having all this stuff if your are dead? But if they aren’t totally crazy (which some people will) you can strike a deal and get better supplies, like food, water, and supplies that will keep you alive.

If you are addicted to something, try to get off. First off, because if you are hoarding some, other people will kill you for it. And second, because it is going to run out eventually, so the sooner the better.

The only way it wouldn’t run out is if someone (you) started making/growing it. That would be a good source of ‘income’. You could make some moonshine, lets say, and ‘sell’ it for supplies that you are low on.Ā  Then you could create a community with other groups and make a society. Like in the walking dead (the books).

If you have any other things to raid for, let me know down in the comments.

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