Zombie Slang


Sometimes, ZOMBIES can be a mouthful. Especially when in time of a crisis. So I put together a list of other things to call ZOMBIES. Here are a few other names for zombies.

Ghoul, Biter,  Z, Goon, Flesh-Eater, Infected, Dead-F*ck, Walker, Geek, The Undead, The Living Dead, Empties, Zeek, Zack, or Zak, are just some alternatives, instead of ZOMBIES.

My favorite is roamer, because it flows really easily and it isn’t such a mouthful. Here are some other zombies slang terms:

Herd – 500 zombies or so

Hoard – 600 to 700+ zombies

Quislings – People that become crazy and delusional under all of the stress and think they are zombies themselves

Raiders – People who want your stuff/supplies and will most likely kill for it. Like the governor from The Walking Dead.

Crawlers/Draggers – No legs but have arms and crawl around looking for meat

Lurker – Zombies that wait for you to come to them

Rotter – An old zombie that is rotting

Roamer – A zombie that wanders around endlessly, looking for food

If you have anymore zombie slang or other names for zombies, please let me know down in the comments. Thanks


4 comments on “Zombie Slang

  1. I think you spell it “horde.” “Hoard” is a cache or source of supplies. You could also substitute “swarm,” as in locusts.

    I’ve heard ‘zed’ used.


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