Funny Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow Training

This is a funny video I found while looking at The Zombie Blog. For the post click here.
It is quite funny, hope you enjoy! 🙂

If you know of any other funny zombie related videos, let me know down in the comments!




Are You Ready for the Zombie Attack?


Well? Are you?

Funny Walking Dead Video

This is a great funny video by BadLipReading on YouTube. Enjoy 🙂

If you know of any other funny videos, please let me know down in the comment section!

Alternative Weapons and Weapons to Get (Zombie Apocalypse)

Here are a few alternative weapons vs. a loud gun.

First off, I would like to say that I would trade almost any of the weapons in the list for a scope and silencer for my gun, but this is in case all of the bullets ran out. (Which they inevitably will).



The famous crossbow

This one, anyone could have come up with, but I am just listing some obvious ones to start.


Pepper spray and stun gun

This is for non-lethal fights, but hey you still want to win those.


You probably knew this one was coming… The BB gun

But not any BB gun, I am talking about a CO2 propelled BB gun with metal BB’s. I would pick one without an orange tip, because the orange tip means it is not lethal. This is for hunting purposes, not to be used against zombies. Why waste your precious bullets when hunting small game?


A blade or a bat

Decide which here. If you choosing a sword, I suggest having it full tang and combat-ready.

This is for smashing/cutting through decomposed brains. (AKA zombies.)


This one is for the protection of your base. (Non-lethal)

Smoke mines and pressure activated training landmines.

Check those out here and here.


A reliable hunting knife, for hunting purposes….


Sling shot

This is one that will work for a long time. I mean, the ammunition is everywhere! Being that they are rocks. Use this one only if you can use it effectively, and don’t try to kill a zombie with this, it wouldn’t work. Sling shots don’t have enough penetration power to travel through a skull, even a decomposed one.


A bow

Either compound or re-curve. I prefer compound, because that way I can actually hit the targets.


A trusty hatchet

My favorite is the United Cutlery M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk. The only down side is that it doesn’t have a hammer on the other end for a 2-in-1 multi-tool.

If you have any other ideas or alternatives to guns or other cool weapons for a zombie apocalypse, please let me know down in the comments!

Zombie Quiz, how long will you survive?

I was just looking around the internet for something to write a blog about and BAM, there it was. A quiz on how long you will survive the zombie apocalypse. Check out the quiz here.

I scored a whopping 268 days. Wow, that was disappointing, but hey, I figure that’s almost a year. The apocalypse might be over by then, right???  Well, I suppose that just leaves lots of room for learning stuff I should already know.

Let me know what you scored down in the comment section. And as always, DON’T DIE!