Zombie Trap #1

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you didn’t even have to come within a close proximity to a Z to kill it? That would be where traps come in. Here is a zombie trap idea.

The Spikes (Pretty straight forward)
Take a decently large log and sharpen it and prop another one to it. Then tie them together.
Here are some pictures I made in paint to demonstrate:

(Click on the pictures for a close up)







Of course it wouldn’t be 2D like this, but you get the idea. Here is another picture from the walking dead (not where I got the idea). You can also put a trap with an animal inside so the Z’s are attracted to it and stab themselves right through the chest.


I think this picture shows it a hell of a lot better than what I drew in paint. So that was a huge waste of time on my part.

It should go into the ground to make it more stationary and secure, because right now you and a few of your friends could just move it. So TONS of zombies could probably move it and possibly get through. And usually you don’t want that…                                                                                                                                                                            Other than that it works really well.

If you have any more ideas for other traps or/and if there are any flaws in this idea, let me know down in the comments, so I can fix it and make it better and safer.


#8 Making your shelter Zombie-proof

This is great stuff!

The Zombie Blog

We’ve been living our shelter in the forest for a while now and now it is time to start reinforcing it. There are a few things I can think of to prepare yourself for a zombie attack.

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