Zombie apocalypse get away Vehicle

If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, early on, I would recommend a four-wheel drive, two door truck with a camper if it was just you and one or two others. It should have a four-wheel because you might have to run over zombies or drive off road, because most likely the roads will be littered with, crashed cars, barricades etc. Or you would want a four door truck for an average/large family. You should also have one with two gas tanks so you can hold twice as much gas. I would recommend having an entrance to the camper through the trucks back window. So you would have to go outside to access all/most of your gear and supplies. I would have a bed, stove, and maybe a propane refrigerator along with a way to store all of your gear.  With your living space in the back, you could go where ever you needed too until you find a good place to stay and reinforce.

Once your have your car I would reinforce it with a metal fence. Not a flimsy, chain link fence, but a sturdy metal one. Then I would cut a hole in the top and make a hatch for firing out of. Make sure you can shut the hatch in case zombies start to climb onto your car. I might add a snow plow in the front to plow a way through the zombies. Also I would add it so your car doesn’t take the full impact of hitting a zombie in the middle of the road. I might even have some spikes on the front, but then if the spikes don’t kill the zombies, you have  a potential threat stuck right on your car. If you are on your own, I would recommend a dirt bike. It is fast, agile, can ride in almost any terrain, and it has excellent gas mileage. The drawbacks are, that you have no where to sleep, no protection, and can’t take a lot with you, but the idea is that if there were not a lot of Z’s, like one to ten, you could just swerve around them and keep going.


If you have any more ideas on transportation during a zombie apocalypse, let me know down in the comments.

I am on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombiesurvivor101/599494826785582?ref=hl! 🙂


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