Blunt Vs. Blade


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Which is better? The bat or the sword? Which should you use to depose of zombies?

On the one hand, not very many people can handle a sword, but machetes are there too. Also you may not cut all the way through and then your weapon is stuck in a Z’s head and you are left vulnerable. On the other hand, wooden bats might break in half at the worst time or not smash the brain fully. I mean the skull is there to protect the brain! If the zombie was old and the skull was half decomposed, then either one could take out a zombie. I personally think that using a wooden bat is better, because the wood absorbs some of the shock and wouldn’t bend like a aluminum bat. I am also kind of the average person and probably couldn’t cut a Z’s head in half unless it was really old and really decomposed. Let me know what you think by voting and leaving your comments down below.

You decide:

If you have any more thoughts on Blade Vs. Blunt, and which is better, I would love to hear about it down in the comment section!


10 comments on “Blunt Vs. Blade

  1. In my opinion, a great source of transportation is a Dirt Bike (Motorcycle) if you’re alone. Because it’s fast, agile, and can go through almost any terrain. The only downside is that it’s loud. And again in my opinion the best weapon combo is a battle ready sword/machete and a silenced pistol.


    • You could just get a normal bicycle its quiet, as fast as you can pedal, go for your health, agile and can go just about anywhere, as well as fit in tight/ narrow passages.

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  3. It depends, on so many different things. Are you traveling long distances on a daily basis? If so, is weight an issue? Are you going to be spending a lot of time in areas where having a weapon that requires wide swings going to be a problem? Are you physically strong enough to crush a human skull quickly and efficiently? Do you have the means to easily and effectively maintain whichever weapon type you choose? These and about a hundred other questions must be answered before determining which weapon type best suits the circumstances you are under.


    • It definitely matters on the situation you are currently facing. If you are to need to be able to run, you wouldn’t want a huge sludge hammer weighing you down. But if you are strong enough and close enough to base if things turn messy, a sludge hammer would defiantly be an option to consider. Thanks for your feedback!


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