Zombie apocalypse get away Vehicle

If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, early on, I would recommend a four-wheel drive, two door truck with a camper if it was just you and one or two others. It should have a four-wheel because you might have to run over zombies or drive off road, because most likely the roads will be littered with, crashed cars, barricades etc. Or you would want a four door truck for an average/large family. You should also have one with two gas tanks so you can hold twice as much gas. I would recommend having an entrance to the camper through the trucks back window. So you would have to go outside to access all/most of your gear and supplies. I would have a bed, stove, and maybe a propane refrigerator along with a way to store all of your gear.  With your living space in the back, you could go where ever you needed too until you find a good place to stay and reinforce.

Once your have your car I would reinforce it with a metal fence. Not a flimsy, chain link fence, but a sturdy metal one. Then I would cut a hole in the top and make a hatch for firing out of. Make sure you can shut the hatch in case zombies start to climb onto your car. I might add a snow plow in the front to plow a way through the zombies. Also I would add it so your car doesn’t take the full impact of hitting a zombie in the middle of the road. I might even have some spikes on the front, but then if the spikes don’t kill the zombies, you have  a potential threat stuck right on your car. If you are on your own, I would recommend a dirt bike. It is fast, agile, can ride in almost any terrain, and it has excellent gas mileage. The drawbacks are, that you have no where to sleep, no protection, and can’t take a lot with you, but the idea is that if there were not a lot of Z’s, like one to ten, you could just swerve around them and keep going.


If you have any more ideas on transportation during a zombie apocalypse, let me know down in the comments.

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Blunt Vs. Blade


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Which is better? The bat or the sword? Which should you use to depose of zombies?

On the one hand, not very many people can handle a sword, but machetes are there too. Also you may not cut all the way through and then your weapon is stuck in a Z’s head and you are left vulnerable. On the other hand, wooden bats might break in half at the worst time or not smash the brain fully. I mean the skull is there to protect the brain! If the zombie was old and the skull was half decomposed, then either one could take out a zombie. I personally think that using a wooden bat is better, because the wood absorbs some of the shock and wouldn’t bend like a aluminum bat. I am also kind of the average person and probably couldn’t cut a Z’s head in half unless it was really old and really decomposed. Let me know what you think by voting and leaving your comments down below.

You decide:

If you have any more thoughts on Blade Vs. Blunt, and which is better, I would love to hear about it down in the comment section!

72 hour kit with Zombie upgrade ideas

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

I have been thinking a lot lately about 72 hour kits and being prepared at a moments notice. If a zombie apocalypse were to happen right now, over half of the world would be screwed just because they didn’t have the most basic supplies. Here are some great links to help you put together a 72 hour kit that would be helpful in any apocalypse.




Add these things in addition to a traditional 72 hour, like the ones in the links above. If you are interested in something in the list below, just click on it. It will work for almost all of the pictures, except for the obvious ones like, cash and food.

These are what I think you should have in a modified 72 hour kit, to make it a Zombie-Apocalypse-Readiness-Kick-Ass Kit:

1. Zombie killing weapon of choice

My favorite is a wooden base ball bat (Melee) and a primary gun ,AR-15 ,and a secondary, (pistol) a Glock17. I don’t recommend a shot gun, they are loud and wide burst, not exactly what you want when you are just aiming for their head.


2. Binoculars

So you can scout ahead and not run into a super high infected area.


3. $500 in cash

If an out break happens ATM’s and banks will be out of business, so getting money is not an option. Some people will still hold a value to money even though at that point it will have no value. If you are just thinking about your family and friends survival (which you should) money is 100% worthless, it doesn’t even burn well. You should buy all the supplies you can with the money before people realize just how worthless it is.


4. Knives

I real Swiss army knife. I recommend this because it is a multi-tool, the more things in one, the better. I know they can be kind of expensive, but when it comes to buying your survival, they are pretty cheap. Also another good knife is a trench spike. First of all they are totally bad ass, second they are a big knife and can be used as a bayonet and it is also has brass knuckles made into the handle.

414K3eFnTUL._AA160_ swiss_army

5. Pen and notebook

I think you should have this because when/if the zombie apocalypse ends, you should have you story written. Write anything you find out about the zombies. ex. “They can run and climb.” (Hopefully not)


6. Deck of cards

Grab some cards fitting to your situation! (Hence the zombie cards with helpful funny tips on each!)

It is important to keep your mind healthy. If you go crazy, all of your time gathering supplies would be for nothing.


7. Fire starting equipment

Just grab any lighter. Leave flint and steel to cave men. Might as well grab some water-proof matches too. Maybe storm and wind proof matches if you can find them. I would grab some charred card board and 1-2 fuel sticks. Break the fuel sticks in half for more fires.


8. Utility Belt

A belt used to hold life saving gadgets/tools. Such as Duct tape, knives, pistol, flashlight, binoculars, hatchet/axe, crowbar, etc.


9. Goggles

The last thing you want is some zombie blood in your eye. Get some in your eye? BAM! your screwed.


10. Backpack

Preferably a good, comfortable backpacking bag to hold everything in, you might want to get a camel bak so you can drink water on the run. Don’t get a cheap one, if you are running  away from zombies and your plastic piece of crap breaks and snags you on a fence…. Well you get the picture.


11. Helmet

Have a helmet to protect your brains from debris due to the collapse in infrastructure. It can also be used as a bowl.


12. Rope and/or paracord

To help tie up the crazy guy, and to make clothes-lines, etc.


13.Walkie Talkie headsets

So you can always be in constant communication with your buddy, if you have to split up.


14. Steel toed boots

The last thing you want is a stubbed toe.


15. Books

The Zombie Survival Guide, Complete Protection Against the Living Dead by Max brooks and 98.6 degrees the art of keeping Your Ass Alive! by Cody Lundin. You want these because knowledge is key to surviving an apocalypse.

max-brooks-zombie  98.6-degrees

16. Jacket

To keep in the heat and keep out the rain and snow.


17. Energy bars and drinks

So you can stay awake and food tastes good.


18. Gloves

You might end up in cold climates and you will have to do lots of physical labor.


19. Knife sharpener

A dull knife won’t do you any good.


20. Duct tape

Well of course duct tape…


21. Solar panel battery charger

To charge any appliances that run on batteries. Such as a battery powered flashlight or radio.


22. Gun accessories

Have a night vision scope, silencer, maybe a laser, etc. If you can get them.

If you have any suggestions on more things I should have in my kit, please let me know down in the comments.